As we all know there are many video converters on the market that a person can choose from. Video converters allow you to watch your favorite video from your tablet and smartphone, among others. Don’t be frustrated if you find a video that can’t play on your mobile phone. You can simply use a desktop or an online MP4 to MPEG converter to convert your video. You can get any format you want with a video convertor.

Convert MP4 to MPEG Format with KeepVid Video Converter

KeepVid Video Converter is among the highly rated desktop converters. It is available for computers using Mac or windows operating system. KeepVid Video Converter is unique as it can convert files to various formats, apart from mp4 to mpeg format. This is a complete video tool and allows you do whatever you want to do with the videos to make them more beautiful. Here are some top features about this software:

KeepVid Video Converter

  • It can be used for various converts apart from the MP4 to MPEG format. This software can convert over 1000 videos and audio formats.
  • This is one of the few Converters that support HD videos. This ranges from 4k, 8k videos, and 1080P and HD videos.
  • KeepVid video converter allows you to adjust the original video aspect ratio. It also allows you to rotate the converted video.
  • You can also download the videos using this converter software from the online websites.
  • Using this MP4 to MPEG converter program you can also record the online videos or system screen.

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How to Convert MP4 to MPEG with KeepVid Video Converter

Step 1. Start KeepVid Video Converter and add MP4 file from your computer.

Step 2. Select MPEG as an output, and click the Convert button to start converting MP4 to MPEG format.

Step 3. When the conversion finishes, you’ll get the converted files in Converted tab.


Download the correct version of the mp4 to mpeg converter and install it. Click on the “add files” button and choose the mp4 files you from your drive. Alternatively, you can drop or drag file you would like to convert.

Add MP4 File Step2

There is a section written “convert all files to” on the top- right of the converter. Choose MPEG from the dropdown list “Video” tab as the final format for conversion.

Select MPEG-1 as Output Step3

Click on the “Convert All” button to commence the conversion process.

Start Converting MP4 to MPEG

If you're also curious about converting MPEG to MP4, you can take advantage of KeepVid Video Converter as well. This video converter can help you to finish the task within very short time.

  • • A person should choose an easy to use converter so he or she doesn’t face any issue in converting the files.
  • • Converter features vary. It is vital to choose a convertor that meets your needs and available with more features in less price.
  • • Learn how to edit your videos. This is a simple process that anyone can learn while using KeepVid Video Converter.

Part 2: 2 Helpful Online Converters to Convert MP4 to MPEG Format

As we all know, there are many online converters that a person can use. There are many reasons why some people love online conversions. It can be because of space or they don’t intend to use the converter for a long period. Here are some top online converters worth checking out.

Top 2 MP4 to MPEG Online Video Converters

1. KeepVid Online Video Converter


No 1. KeepVid Online Video Converter

KeepVid Online Video Converter has been ranked among the top MP4 to MPEG converter online software. It is converts videos quickly, especially if you have a fast internet connection. You simply need to click on the upload button. This button allows you to select the mp4 video you would like to convert. You will get the MPEG format once conversion has been completed. This website allows you to carry out converts free.

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No 2.

This is a free online converter that converts both video and audio files. This is generally a website that converts your file. Online-Convert has been ranked among the top free online converters because it has no ads. Additionally, it allows uploading and downloading of files awaiting conversion to various formats.

Part 3: 2 Desktop MP4 to MPEG Format Converters

2 Desktop MP4 to MPEG Format Converters

1. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

2. Form Factory

No 1.Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

This is among the highly rated desktop video converters. It is not only fast, but efficient when converting audio and video. This video converter program also has the features just like the KeepVid Video Converter program such as conversion, downloading, and editing, recording or transferring videos as well. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is also known as a full video solution due to the high rated features.

Key Features

  1. It has video and audio edit features enables you to convert the files in 1000 formats and edit them.
  2. It supports Mac and windows both operating systems.
  3. Supports video downloading from the video sharing sites.

No 2. Form Factory

This video converter is suitable for windows 8 operating system. It can comfortably convert mp4 format files to mpeg among others. In addition to this, this software has 65 languages that a person can choose. Format factory is easy to both download and install. Moreover, it converts videos within a short period.

Key Features

  1. Format Factory supports mostly all audio and video formats for the file conversion.
  2. You can backup files to DVD using the DVD ripper of this software.
  3. It also supports conversion of pictures.