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There are many apps and ways available on the internet which helps you to convert your audio and video files from MP4 to apple format, to make the files compatible with the devices using iOS operating system. This could be done easily. All one has to do is to follow the simple steps given on the internet and your files will be convert mp4 to apple format.

Convert MP4 to Apple Format with KeepVid Online Converter

KeepVid Online Video Converter is the most sought after converter which can convert the video and audio files online from one format to another format easily. The wide compatibility of the converter makes it ideal for downloading and converting the videos from any website. The fast conversion of the files makes it the first choice for any internet user. This converter is serving the internet viewers for last 10 years.

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This file is over 100MB. Please convert it with KeepVid Video Converter.

  • Convert any video to more than 1,000 video/audio formats.
  • 30X Faster Video Conversion Speed
  • Convert videos for any device, such as iOS, Android, PlayStation, etc.
  • Edit videos with helpful trim, crop and effect features.

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Convert MP4 to Apple Format with KeepVid Video Converter

KeepVid Video Converter is the most sought after video converter. It is a free to use web application which can covert the video and audio files from one format to another and it is compatible for the windows and Mac computers. This video converter uses easy to use interface and quite easy to handle features. This makes the video conversion very easy even for the beginners. There are several other options for editing and customizing the videos. The easy to use features of the keepvid video converter are:

Key Features of KeepVid Video Converter

  • The video converter allows the facility to trim the videos.
  • It allows downloading and importing the subtitles.
  • You can adjust the ratio of the video and can further rotate the video at your will.
  • You can adjust the volume of the audio file into your video.
  • You can further add on the water marks on the locations selected by you.

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Convert MP4 to Apple Format with Keepvid Video Converter

Step 1 – Start KeepVid Video Converter and add MP4 file from your computer.

Step 2 – Click the menu icon at the upper right side and choose Apple video format as an output format.

Step 3 – Click Convert button to start converting MP4 to Apple format.

Detailed Step Guide – How to convert MP4 to Apple Format via Keepvid Video Converter

The very first thing in converting the audio and video files from MP4 to Apple format is to download and launch keepvid video converter. You can then add the files to be converted by using the ‘add files’ option which is present under ‘Convert’ tab and then ‘open’ option.

Now you have to choose the output format. You can find several formats available under the tab ‘convert all files to’.

Now you need to click on the ‘Convert all’ button to start the conversion of the video from MP4 to Apple format and save it at your desired location.

Comparison Between the Two Methods

Features Online Desktop
Convert videos under 100M file size
Convert Multiple files in one time
Convert videos with 30x faster speed
Edit videos before conversions
Convert videos from online video sharing sites
Convert videos with user-frienly interface
Convert videos with helpful preset settings

Background Informations about Apple Format

Apple format is the most advanced format system to store the digital pictures. It is competent enough to compress the image files by most modern method keeping the quality of the files intact. It compresses the image files into smaller files without deteriorating the image quality of the file. The technique used in apple format is known as high efficiency video compression. This is not the invention of the apple but it is used in all the newer iPhones. HEIC technically speaking is more a container to contain the image and audio files than a format. This is the best technology to be used for the storage of live images.

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