MKV format is the most common format in which movies and videos are ripped these days. But some of the mobile devices as well as players don’t support MKV format. There is another format which is MPG format and is widely used with mobile phones and PC. So, those people who want to watch their favorite movie on their mobile can simply convert MKV to MPG format using KeepVid video converter.

Convert MKV to MPG Format with Keepvid Video Converter

KeepVid Video Converter is a desktop converter which can easily convert your MKV file into MPG file. You can download the software on your computer for easy conversion. The converter supports many audio and video formats that you can use and convert. You can directly convert video or audio files present on your PC using this converter. This software is designed for all operating systems whether it is Windows or Mac. Mentioned below are some of the features of this converter.

KeepVid Video Converter

  • The desktop converter offers high speed of conversion which can be as fast as 30X.
  • You can convert around 1000 audio/video formats using the KeepVid desktop converter.
  • The software is user-friendly and offers easy to use features using which you can convert the files in your desired format.
  • It also offers the rimming facility so you can trim the videos to your desired length.
  • If you wish to add any additional effects, you can do so by using the required options.

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How to Convert MKV to MPG with KeepVid Video Converter

Step 1. Start KeepVid Video Converter and add MKV file from your computer.

Step 2. Select DivX as an output, and click the Convert button to start converting MKV to MPG.

Step 3. When the conversion finishes, you’ll get the converted files in Converted tab.


You need to download the converter software on your PC and install it for manual conversion. Once the converter is installed you need to add the videos into the converter which needs to be converted. Use the “add files” option to add the video file that you want to get converted. Click on the “Open” button for adding the file for conversion.

Add MKV File Step2

Once the videos are added you need to select the format in which the file needs to be converted. At the right corner there is a dropdown menu. Click on the Video tab to get a list of formats. You can select the MPG format for your video.

Select DivX as Output Step3

Click on the “Convert all” button to start the conversion process.

Start Converting MKV to DivX
  • • KeepVid Video Converter enables you to convert multiple videos with the batch conversion feature.
  • • You can take advantage of the downloading feature to download and then convert videos in a click.
  • • Editing feature is helpful for you to edit videos with trimming, cropping and many other features.

Part 2: 2 Helpful Online Converters to Convert MKV to MPG

Top 2 MKV to MPG Online Video Converters

1. KeepVid Online Video Converter

2. Convert Files

No 1.KeepVid Online Video Converter

Keepvid Online Video Converter is one of the best converters that helps you to convert different media into your desired formats. You just need to visit the official website and add an audio and video file from your computer. Next you need to select the media and output format in which you wish to convert the file. The file will be converted in the desired format and saved at your desired location. This online converter can convert around 50-60 formats and it is completely free of cost.

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No 2. Convert Files

Now converting the MKV files into MPG format has become easier with the Convert Files online converter. You can either enter the URL from which you wish to download the file or can upload the file from your system. The conversion is a two step process and very simple. Along with videos, you can also convert documents and images.

Part 3: Helpful Desktop Converters to Convert MKV to MPG Format

Helpful Desktop Converters to Convert MKV to MPG Format

1. Free HD Video Converter Factory

2. Koyote Free Video Converter

No 1.Free HD Video Converter Factory

If you are looking for a free video converter for your PC, then this desktop converter is one of the best that you can download. It does not require any third party software and is completely easy to use. It can easily convert the videos to more than 300 formats. You can also customize the video using the editing features like rotate video, split, join, extract audio etc.

Key Features

  1. It offers a very easy to use interface allowing conversion of audio and videos in different formats along with some rare ones.
  2. The quality of video is improved from SD and you get HD quality.
  3. There are video enhancement settings to enhance your video watching experience.

No 2.Koyote Free Video Converter

It is a multi-language video converter that can convert into different formats. You need a third party to download the software but it is really very easy to use. You can either convert the whole video or a part of it as per your choice. It also allows you to extract the sound from the videos in format like WMA, MP2, MP3 etc.

Key Features

  1. It is a multi-language video converter.
  2. The software offers customization option so that users can convert the videos as per their likes.
  3. Videos can be downloaded in several formats using the easy to use features.