How to Apply Effect

With KeepVid Video Converter, you have the privileges to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast in addition to 19 other stunning video effect filters. Here is the guide to get started with KeepVid Video Converter - Apply Effect.

Step 1 Get to the Editing Window

Import the desired video files to the program and hit the Effect icon available on the right out of the 3 icons listed under the video thumbnail to open the editing window.

Go to Effects Window

Step 2 Apply Video Effects and Filters

Hit the Effect tab from the top panel to apply effects and filters. From here on you can easily, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation with the help of the sliders provided and change the deinterlace settings as required by you.

Also, if you wish to enhance the video effects automatically, make sure to check the Auto Enhance checkbox. Moreover, on the lower part of the Effects Tab, you are provided with 19 more predefined filters to apply to your videos which are widely-used to add more appealing touch to them. Next, hit OK to confirm saving your settings.

Add Effects

Step 3 Save Adjusted Video

As soon as you hit OK, you'll be back to the main interface. Hit on the drop-down menu next to Convert all files to: on the top right corner and select the desired output format for your effects and filter adjusted video. Finally, hit Convert All to initiate the conversion of the file.

Save Adjusted Video

Right after the conversion completes, switch to Converted tab where you'll find your converted video with all your preferred effects and filters.