How to Add Subtitle

Here we have brought to you a quick and simple guide to add subtitles into any video format, for instance MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. And also to your music videos, digital/DVD movies and TV series.

Step 1 Open the Editing Window

Firstly, you're required to add video files to the conversion list of the program. Now, look below the video thumbnail, you'll notice 3 editing icons are there. Now, either click the Crop icon in the middle or click the Effect icon to the right in order to open the editing window.

Open Editting Window

Step 2 Head to Subtitle Tab

Hit on the Subtitle tab in the top panel of the editing window. You'll get the interface as follows.

Go to Subtitles Tab

Step 3 Import Subtitles

To import subtitles from your local storage of your computer, simply hit the "…(3 horizontal dots icon)". Or alternatively, hit the Search icon to directly search online for the desired subtitles.

Import Subtitles

Step 4 Set up Font & Appearance of Subtitles

Once you've imported the subtitles, you can set the font size, color, style and more. Moreover, you can adjust the transparency and position of the subtitles according to your preference. Once you are satisfied with your selections, hit OK to save your settings.

Step 5 Initiate Conversion

On the main interface of KeepVid Video Converter, hit the drop-down menu next to Convert all files to: and select the desired output file format for your video. Lastly, hit Convert All to start converting all the files on the conversion list. After completion, your converted video along with the subtitles will be listed under Converted tab.

Tips: If in case, you also want to adjust the volume level of your video file, just hit the Audio tab in the top panel of the editing window and adjust the volume with the help of slider provided.

Adjust Audio