FAQs about Supported Video & Audio Formats

1. Q: What're the supported video formats for conversion?

A: KeepVid online video converter supports different video formats for conversion. The following table is for your reference:

Input Formats Output Formats
Audio .mka; .mp3; .wav; .m4a; ; .wma; .ogg; .flac; .ape .mp3; .wav; .wma; .m4a; .aac; .flac; .ac3; .aiff; .m4r; .m4b; .au; .ape
Video .webm; .avi; .mp4; .mpg; .mpeg; .3gp; .3g2; .wmv; .mov; .flv; .f4v; .m4v; .mkv; .mod; .mts; .dv; .mp4; .avi; .mkv; .hevc mp4; .hevc mkv; .mpeg-1; .mpeg-2; .divx; .m4v; .xvid; .mov; .3gp; dvd;

2. Q: What should I do when I failed to convert a xxx format video?

A: Firstly, if you fail to convert a video, please take a look at the table above and check whether this video format is supported by KeepVid online video converter. If the video format is supported but you can’t convert it, please contact us: https://keepvid.cc/support.html.

3. Q: Can I convert 4K videos?

A: Yes, you can. Converting 4K videos is fully supported on KeepVid online video converter, but you’ll only be able to convert 4K videos to lower quality.

4. Q: How do I know whether the video file I uploaded is supported by your website?

A: You can take a look at the table above to check whether your video is supported by KeepVid online video converter; or you can just upload the video to KeepVid, and if the video isn’t supported, you’ll get a notification.